How to choose a vacation home

The cosmopolitan lifestyle comes with its own highs and lows, so having a good vacation home can be a game changer. The need to occasionally escape and rejuvenate before resuming everyday life with newfound energy is sometimes underrated but fully benefited from. Choosing a vacation home is no easy feat but we are here to help.

Here are some tips to consider in the process that will make your decision easier.


The location of a vacation home is one of the most important factors to consider as it will impact your stay for as long as you have the property. Spend some time getting to know the topography of the location, the proximity to social amenities and how you can access help in times of emergency.

Revenue Generation

You are unlikely to spend a lot of time at your vacation home. You could consider leveraging rental to your advantage. Find out the rental value of the homes in the area and make yield projections. If your projected occupancy period is 5 weeks out of 52 in a year, what can you do with the remainder? Some homeowners are very private and prefer to have their properties exclusive to them while they are absent. This is an option too.


Travel routes and distance also influence the location choice. While some people are comfortable driving several hours (roadtrip) to get to their holiday destination, others prefer to go by air or spend a shorter time on the journey. You will have to consider what works for you. Remember, it is a vacation house and anything associated with it should not feel like work.


Look for a location that is habitable cross-season. Ghana has a wet and dry season. At the extremes, can you move to and from your vacation home? Can you stay there for a month if you are trapped due to the vagaries of the weather or any unforeseen contingencies?

The look and feel

The surroundings and views from your vacation home are as important as the house itself. Research has shown that people tend to be happier if their bedroom window faces the sunrise. Just as plants need light, humans need vitamin D and the ideal vacation house offers you this in abundance! Experiencing nature in its unadulterated form has its own ways of reducing stress and boosting happiness-inducing hormones! 


Look out for protective and safety measures. The last thing you want to worry about is security when you should be enjoying your vacation. Find out if there have been any recent safety concerns and how they were tackled. Speak to your neighbours and have a security plan. Remember, if your neighbours are at risk, you are too. Be each other’s keeper.


Now, let’s look at the cost of the property. The initial cost of acquisition will be determined by a number of things, including and especially whether it is a new or a refurbished house. You need to plan to be able to make budget adjustments because you will have to, eventually!

Ultimately, the best location for a vacation home will depend on your personal preferences and goals. These cues will go a long way to ensure you make the right decision when deciding on your vacation home. Equilibrium Partners Limited offers great living spaces that carefully factor in all the cues we’ve given and best part it these properties are within the city. Added levels of sophistication and sustainability make our properties one of the most sought after investments.

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