Feng Shui: The Bagua Map

How do you Feng Shui your space for harmony & peace?

Your home is the space that hosts the most memorable moments made with the people that matter the most to you. It is also the one place you are likely to spend most of your time. If you spend so much time in this space with people that you care about, why not optimise it to give you then best of experiences?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance. Feng Shui means “the way of wind and water.” It is derived from the Taoist belief in chi or the life force that inhabits everything. Chi is composed of yin and yang elements, and Feng shui believes in balancing these elements using the Bagua Map.

The bagua map consists of eight elements around a centre.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

The map is a 3 by 3 grid that can be laid over the floor plans of your space to help you better and more accurately position these 8 energy centres. These 8 elements represent different areas of life, where positive energy can flow. It shows the different energy areas, details of their elements, the colours that depict these energy centres and how you should decorate them.

  1. Wealth & Prosperity: It is located in the southeast corner of your space. Healthy plants and the colours blue and green should be in this space. The element of focus is wood. 
  1. Fame & Reputation: This is located in the southern area of your space and the element of focus here is fire. It’s associated with fiery colours like red or burgundy. 
  1. Love & Marriage: This is in the southwest corner of your home. Earth and fire are its elements and it is associated with red, orange, pink and burgundy tones.
  1. Children & Creativity: This is found in the western area of your space and is characterised by metal. The colours in this space should be white, gold or metallic. 
  1. Ancestors & Health: This area of energy is found in the eastern side of your space and is associated with wood. To enhance this space, incorporate wooden objects and furniture, healthy plants and flowers, as well as green and blue tones.
  1. Knowledge & Self-cultivation: This part can be found on the northeast corner of your home and is characterised by earth and water. The energy in this space can be enhanced with calming features such as candles or floor pillows. Colours to use in this space are dark blue, cream taupe, yellow or beige.
  1. Career & Life Path: This is the northern section of your space and it is characterised by water. This space is usually enhanced with the dark colours, asymmetrical shapes, paintings of water or a water feature. 
  1. Helpful People & Travel: This can be found in the northwest corner of your space and is associated with metal. To enhance this space, introduce round, metallic objects, globes or electronics into the area 
  1. Health & Centre: This is the centre of any space that you have. This space plays a supporting role to all the areas and should be decorated with earth and calming tones. 

These different demarcations will allow for different areas of energy to be optimised over others. Even though the map offers guidance, your personal taste will also be a major factor in your home’s overall look and feel. The principles of Feng shui are not the beginning and the end of decoration, but a guide to achieving a space that you will thrive in. 

You can visit The Genesis Residences page, view the floor plans and begin to visualise a space that you will be excited to call home, keeping in mind all the areas of energy available to you!

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