Three Essential Spaces In Every Development

Looking for an apartment to rent or buy? Before you make a decision, consider these three essential amenity spaces that can elevate your living experience beyond your home unit(s): green open spaces, entertainment spaces and exercise spaces. These spaces are essential as they form an integral part of your day and set the tone of your home.

1. Green Open Spaces:

A Green Open Space is a space left particularly for flora and fauna in an urban development. These spaces offer several benefits to residents as well as the development. For the residents, having a green space promotes your mental and physical health. It also serves as motivation to relax and unwind. One of the biggest benefits is that it offers a medium for residents to meet and interact in a serene environment. Hosting simple open air activities like picnics or meet and greets sets the tone for camaraderie to be developed among residents. Making new connections always enriches life.

The Genesis Residences has a lovely green open space that is shared by all residents and helps break the monotony of concrete that surrounds us. For the development, it increases the value of the property if there is sufficient green open space.This can be attributed to the fact that people are willing to pay extra to live close to these Green Open spaces.

2. Entertainment Space:

You may not always be able to host all the people that you would like in your apartment or townhome. Living in a development that has an entertainment space eliminates this worry. The entertainment space is ideal for hosting large numbers without interrupting the flow of your personal space. The entertainment space offers room for more private group activities. It allows for more intimate group functions and can be seen as an extension of home, for any resident. The Genesis Residences has a rooftop terrace that is excellent for hosting and also for group activities like yoga or book club gatherings.

3. Exercise Spaces:

The two other spaces can serve as an exercise space but having a gym makes the lifestyle of constant exercising more achievable. Exercising is an important aspect of wellness. There are numerous gyms available, but nothing is more comforting and convenient than having your own space. A gym that you can access around the clock and is a stone’s throw from your unit is habit-forming. A fully equipped gym is ideal, and that convenience is available at The Genesis Residences. With our fully equipped gym, you can get a workout before your day starts, in the middle of the day when you need a break or right before you wind down for the evening. The gym, we believe, is an essential space for any modern development and the Genesis Residences understands your need to stay on top of your game constantly.

These spaces on the other hand are value-additions for any development and resident, and they feed our human need for wellbeing, connection and growth.

For Equilibrium Partners Ltd, our developments are not just to house homeowners, but also to improve their quality of life. These spaces, among others, are essential and our goal is to ensure that each development is equipped and ready to enable you to experience the best of every day!

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