Championing Sustainable Real Estate Development in Accra

The ethos of Equilibrium Partners is to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly real estate developments inspires all our work, beginning at the Genesis.The Equilibrium Partners anchor project, the Genesis Residences, was designed and developed under the International Finance Corporation’s Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) green building standard. We believe that real estate developments should not exist within a bubble in the environment, but should be cohesive with nature’s elements. Designing and creating with this in mind, assures us of a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

The Genesis Residences, an eco-friendly 30-unit development in the heart of Accra, is the first high-end residential development in Ghana to be EDGE certified. Residents will save a third of the water that is supplied through low flow faucets. The development also saves a quarter of energy supplied through well-ventilated spaces and energy saving lighting. Our planning further took the construction materials that were used in the development of the Genesis Residences into consideration. Materials used require less than 50 percent of the energy needed to manufacture, transport, and install—known as embodied energy—than those of other construction projects in the area. 

These intentional measures taken in the design and construction of the Genesis Residences will allow our residents to save energy, water and resources which are  increasingly low in supply but have high demand. Residents of the Genesis Residences can consciously enjoy life knowing they are doing their part to save the environment.

The EDGE Certification places Equilibrium Partners, through the Genesis Residences and other upcoming projects, in a position to influence the sustainable real estate landscape in Ghana and Africa. 

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